ClearLock empowers individuals to control their online and offline data profiles. We connect people with their information, ensuring accurate content, and allowing individuals the choice to share their validated information with approved third parties.

ClearLock simplifies the process of sharing your data making interactions secure and improving transparency for everyone involved. Individuals can then use your certified credentials in major life and career events to ensure accuracy and success. By providing individual ownership of your data profile ClearLock facilitates faster and easier use of your information in validated environments.

Led by MIT alumni, ClearLock has offices in Boston, MA and Princeton, NJ. Our Boston office is located four miles from the first American lighthouse constructed in the Boston Harbor in 1716. ClearLock is passionate about enabling individuals through their information to efficiently expedite life and career events that previously lacked transparency and validation.

ClearLock is dedicated to creating and supporting innovation that strengthens the connection between individuals, their information and approved third parties.